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PSIAM Akademie Ludwigshafen Bodensee Ausbildung Seminare

Migraine – Trauma in the head

Help with migraine and headache

Our health program is a radical new way of looking at the causes of headache and migraine and the possibilities for treatment and healing.

Even though when biological components, such as circulation in the blood vessels and the role of serotonin cannot be denied, we consciously focus on psychological and psychosomatic causes.

New insights and experiences from body centered and transpersonal therapies indicate, that there is very often a connection between stress and migraine and headache. Very often one of the causes of this stress is a traumatic or stressing experience from early childhood or babyhood.

These early childhood experiences have caused changes in the neural network of the brain, goes along with difficult self-regulation as an adult.

States of tension are memorized in the body and in the emotional system. The sub consciousness looks for reaction mechanisms to discharge this tension. These mechanisms lead to continuous repeating reaction patterns or reaction loops. In our normal conscious state it seems as if they cannot be stopped. The tension in the system looks for an outlet and therefor leads to repeating headaches and migraine.

With medication it is possible to interrupt these reaction loops and to create relieve for a while, but the triggering causes are not touched and resolved.

Treatments, which include deep and old experiences, as well as physical and emotional tensions, can lead to sustainable results.

People, who have experienced the methods of the migraine-headache-program, often share that they already have a tangible relieve after a few sessions. Yet, for a sustainable effect it is essential to make an individual and deep exploration of one own life, exploring questions like:

Basic module 1: Migraine and headache – I am not alone with it

Module 2: The trauma in the head

Module 3: Arrival in Life – grounding, primal trust, relationships

Module 4: From blockage to flow – energizing my life

Module 5: Consciousness and soul hygiene